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We are specialists in the area of creation and implementation of franchise systems. Our experience dates back to 1989, both in the area of consultancy and the implementation of the system from the perspective of having been entrepreneurs using this marketing system.

The partner and responsible/Javier of this area has actively participated in everything related to commercial associations, being a founding member of AFA (Association of Franchisers of Aragon) and president of the same for more than 8 years, members of the board of directors of AEF (Association of Franchisers of Spain), founding member and member of the board of ANCECO (National Association of Central Purchasing), as well as belonging to the boards of directors of various sectorial and local trade associations.

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The franchise system has many advantages. The most important is the union of the know-how of a businessman who has a formula proven over time and with profitability with another entrepreneur who will be responsible for carrying it out, optimising his own costs and increasing turnover. This allows for greater growth over time thanks to the sharing of investments in points of sale and structure, achieving a notorious positioning and brand image and achieving economies of scale.


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