Business development

Business development assistance

Define how your business will evolve in order not to stagnate and continue to grow...

Preparation of business plans, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, diagnosis of the financial situation, annual economic budget, feasibility analysis of projects, new lines of business, investment feasibility analysis, preparation of feasibility plans, preparation of economic-financial plans, preparation of financial restructuring plans, preparation of dossiers for negotiation of financing.

Identify and take advantage of opportunities, create them if they do not exist, we define the strategy, we look for innovation and synergies.

There are four main points to consider in the business consulting phase, which you will need to address with the help of our team of specialised advisors.
  • Where do you come from?

  • What is your situation?

  • What are you getting at?

  • Where does the market stand?

The risk of not having a business development strategy will prevent you from having a clear view of where you are and from being aware of whether or not you are progressing as expected. Often you only pay attention to the state of the cash flow, without analysing the rest of the factors. Business consulting allows us to have metrics beyond the bank account to be able to monitor activity and detect any fluctuations in forecasts, before they have an impact on liquidity.

The key is to establish a business strategy over time, to have a longer-term vision of the milestones and objectives in order to follow the path we have set for ourselves.


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